June 2018

Time For A New Inverter/Charger?

These units don’t last forever, so avoid problems next cruising season by replacing your inverter this winter. We can always gauge what is going on in the market place by the conversations we are having with our clients. One topic… Continue Reading →

Why Are Lithium Iron-Phosphate Batteries So Great?

There has been a lot of attention around electric cars lately and the majority of the high end manufacturers are using lithium iron-phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) batteries.  Some boat and RV manufacturers are choosing lithium but it is not mainstream. … Continue Reading →

How Much Battery Power Is Enough?

Growing up in my house, it was quite common to hear, “Turn the lights off when you leave the room” or “Who left the lights on? Do you think we are made of money?”  Now that I have my own… Continue Reading →

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